James Hall, MID Communications

“People are envious of what we are doing in Rochdale”

“Nothing ever stopped me leaving Rochdale. I’ve worked away. I’ve travelled. But I’ve always wanted to come back. We can take for granted what we have here but this place has a lot going for it.”

James Hall is a proud Rochdalian who understands that, with the cost of living low, the town centre on the rise and pristine countryside on his doorstep, the borough offers a quality of life that is not available everywhere. Having settled back in his hometown, his commute to work is an easy one too. James is business development manager for MID Communications, based on the Stakehill Industrial Estate in Middleton.

MID Communications is an O2 reseller, the largest independent franchise of O2 (Telefónica UK Limited) in the North West. The company runs 16 retail stores across Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside and the Fylde coast, and employs around 35 people in two Rochdale stores and the Middleton head office. MID Communications offers business connectivity services on top of its retail offering.

“A great talent pool”

The company has its roots in Cleveleys on the Fylde coast, but today home is very much Rochdale. “Obviously one of the advantages is location, and the M62 running right past us,” says James. “But it’s more than that. There’s a great talent pool here, fed by wonderful Further Education colleges. And then there’s the RDA, who have always been there for us. To be honest, it’s not common to find an organisation like the RDA - having an organisation devoted to business success is a real bonus for those of us already in the town and those thinking of relocating here.”

MID Communications is happy to give back to the community that sustains it. CEO Danny Simpson recently joined the board of Pro-Manchester, the largest business development organisation in the North West. James himself is a member of the Rochdale Ambassadors scheme, helping to spread positive messages about the town’s business-friendly credentials throughout the North West and the UK as a whole.

Giving back to Rochdale

“We support our local community in any way we can,” says James. “We strive to give business to other local companies and we try to bring local businesses together, acting as a middleman. We also know that small businesses and start-ups in the town often don’t have meeting rooms, so we’re happy to let them book ours for free when it’s not in use.”

It’s that kind of collaboration that Rochdale is famous for, and the cooperation of the Rochdale Pioneers finds a modern echo in the way businesses like MID Communications work for the good of the town’s business community as a whole. It’s fair to say the business is now firmly ensconced in the fabric of the community.

“It’s a great time to be in Rochdale, especially when you see everything that’s going on in the town centre, and with the Riverside development still to come,” says James.

“I travel around the North West a lot and there is a lot of envy out there. People ask me what’s coming next for Rochdale - they keep hearing about new developments. If the town is inspiring envy it is doing something right.”

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