Rochdale-based PTG Holroyd invests £750k in developing a new machine tool

Posted by on 20 Jul 2020

Image: Rochdale-based PTG Holroyd invests £750k in developing a new machine tool

Photo © Tony Bannan, CEO PTG Holroyd

Rochdale-based PTG Holroyd, a manufacturer of high-precision machine tools, has invested £750,000 in developing a new gear-grinding centre.

PTG Holroyd designs and builds the highly specialised rotor milling and rotor grinding machines that leading manufacturers around the world use to produce ultra-precise components for use in aerospace, air compression, air conditioning, refrigeration, gas processing, fluid transfer and high-end automotive applications.

The company - which typically reinvests ten per cent of sales revenue into R&D - is currently developing a brand new intelligent gear-grinding centre at its Milnrow HQ.

Called the GT350, it’s a machine that group CEO, Dr Tony Bannan OBE, says will give PTG Holroyd a significant edge in the global gear-grinding marketplace.

Dr Bannan said the challenges presented by Covid-19 meant it was more important than ever to keep investing in new technology in order to remain competitive.

“Embracing the connectivity of Industry 4.0, which uses digital capability to transform manufacturing, our new gear-grinding centre will give customers a significant advantage in terms of performance, accuracy, reporting and efficiency,” he commented.

“To begin with, we plan to build two GT350 machines. One will remain on site in Milnrow for R&D work and special projects. The other machine will be destined for a customer.”

The new GT350 gear-grinding centre is just one example of PTG’s commitment to continuous innovation.

For example, PTG Holroyd’s sister company, PTG Friction Stir Welding, has introduced a number of new models in its Powerstir machine tools range.

These advanced friction stir welding machines are revolutionising the way in which global automotive manufacturers produce components for the latest generation of battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

“If the last few months have taught industry anything,” concludes Dr Bannan, “it’s that Covid-19 is a reason to focus investments in a more intelligent way. You can’t afford to stand still in business – and now is the perfect time to make sure you have the technologies in place as the green shoots of recovery begin to appear.”

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