Carol Hopkins, Business Development Manager

Posted by on 8 Jun 2022

Image: Carol Hopkins, Business Development Manager

A lot of my time is spent proactively going out and visiting businesses in the area. The first thing I do is simply have a chat with them, and try and find out if there is anything the RDA can help them with.

There often is, because we offer such a wide service. We can refer them to partners in the Council or education sector. We can introduce them to other businesses who have faced a similar challenge, or that offer a service they might need. A lot of my role is about making connections, so businesses get access to the services that can help them grow.

One of the most common things I get asked to help with is around recruitment and apprenticeships, and connecting companies with the really excellent education and training providers we have in Rochdale. At the moment, there’s also a lot of requests around sustainability, whether that’s about putting in solar panels or an Electric Vehicle charging point. I try to direct them to sources of funding that are aimed at businesses that want help in going green.

Some of the conversations can get quite technical! I was asked recently about sustainable ways to recycle waste. I put the company in touch with an expert at Manchester Metropolitan University who could help them out.

I also put our monthly newsletter - Business Matters - together. It’s very practical, very short and to the point, and the aim is to give local businesses easy-to-digest information about relevant things that are going on in the Borough.”

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