Read the latest business investment and regeneration reports about Rochdale and the surrounding areas.

Rochdale Town Hall Heritage Skills

Here is Lancashire Conservation Studio's presentation on the training opportunities available at Rochdale Town Hall.

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Rochdale Town Centre Delivery Plan

The £250m regeneration programme of Rochdale Town Centre is now almost complete, read the report here.

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Heritage Rochdale Environmental projects

We're improving the look of property and enhancing the public realm to make Rochdale a more attractive place for all.

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Heritage Rochdale           Fire Station Project

Transforming the much-loved building, mixing a new museum space with offices for digital and creative start-ups.

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Heritage Rochdale             Town Hall Project

A masterpiece it is, but in need of some tender loving care. The restoration project will restore the building to its original glory

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Heritage Rochdale           Drake Street Project

The ambitious scheme will reverse the neighbourhood's economic decline, attract new residents to the town centre.

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Rochdale Growth Plan 2020-2030

This 10 years plan covers the strong foundations being laid to transformation of the regions economy.

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Town Centre Investment Opportunities

Find out about a number of exciting new developments that are the ideal springboard for further investment

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Heritage Rochdale Riverside Phase 1

Rochdale’s rich heritage isn’t just to be found in our historic buildings and neighbourhood across the region.

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Rochdale Interchange & Metrolink

Excellent transport links are central to prosperity, and a state-of-the art interchange connects the town to the region.

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Rochdale Rail Corridor Download

Rochdale Rail Corridor is an ambitious scheme to revitalise neighbourhoods throughout Rochdale

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Revealing The Roch Download

The reopening of the river Roch in 2016 was central to restoring the former glory of Rochdale’s town centre.

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Number One Riverside Download

The award-winning Number One Riverside is home to council offices, the town’s central library and its public information hub.

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Riverside Upperbanks Download

The Upperbanks project will include apartment blocks, a 146 bedroom hotel and 43,000 sq ft of offices

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Rochdale Rail Corridor Strategy

The ambitious Rochdale rail corridor strategy is unlocking potential all along the Calder Valley.

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Community photography project consent form

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