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Rochdale Development Agency (RDA) is driving inward investment, economic development and regeneration in Rochdale, Heywood, Middleton and the surrounding areas. We manage and coordinate regeneration projects across the borough on behalf of Rochdale Borough Council and other partners.

Heritage-led Regeneration

In Rochdale we’re really proud of our history, which is why we’re doing everything we can to preserve and celebrate it. Rochdale was at the heart of the industrial revolution, and it’s where working men and women started a global cooperative movement that thrives to this day.

The town centre is home to stunning architecture, fascinating history and - in its Grade I listed Town Hall - a building of “rare picturesque beauty.”

But it’s also a town centre for today, brimming with life, leisure and culture. We’re regenerating the town in a number of ways. Heritage projects like the Town Hall restoration and the Drake Street Heritage Action Zone sit side by side with stunning new buildings, including the award-winning Number One Riverside and the ambitious Rochdale Riverside retail and leisure complex.

Transforming the Borough

Sustainable Regeneration

We’re delivering new homes, new business opportunities, and new reasons to live in our town and visit from elsewhere.

The benefits of our regeneration programmes stretch far beyond the town centre. The RDA’s new rail strategy, for instance, aims to revitalise land around the borough’s five railway stations; Rochdale, Castleton, Littleborough, Smithy Bridge and Mills Hill.

If you want to join us and work on local regeneration projects please visit our vacancies page.

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Continual improvement

Our ambitious regeneration programme is continuing apace. Many projects are already complete, including the opening of the River Roch, Number One Riverside, Metrolink in Rochdale and the Rochdale Riverside complex.

Others are currently in progress, like the Town Hall restoration and the Drake Street Heritage Action Zone.

And many projects are still to come, including Rochdale Riverside Phase 2, which will deliver 240 new homes and a 146 bed hotel in Rochdale town centre. The ambitious Rail Corridor scheme, meanwhile, aims to create 7,000 homes and 2.5m sq ft of employment space along the Calder Valley rail corridor.

Our Partners

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