Environmental projects

As well as our larger projects, we’re improving the look and liveability of our town and borough in a number of smaller ways. Our environmental projects aim to improve the look of property, enhance the public realm and make Rochdale a more attractive place to live, work and visit. Here are a few examples of our ongoing programme of environmental improvements.

Current Projects

The Butts Avenue

We’re carrying out a number of environmental improvements to the public realm around The Butts Avenue in the heart of Rochdale’s shopping district, including improved street lighting, new flower and tree planting, improvements to properties and new street furniture.

The Walk

We’ve started a shop front and streetscape improvement scheme in The Walk.

Bell Street

We’re delivering a temporary public realm scheme on a derelict site next to the Rochdale Riverside scheme, with planting, seating and more.

Environmental Improvements

We’re carrying out more public realm improvements, including the commissioning of murals and public art, in the area around Rochdale Riverside.

Why are we doing it?

We’re doing all this to create a safer, more pleasant town centre that continues to attract more shoppers and visitors. These schemes will complement larger projects like Rochdale Riverside, the Drake Street Heritage Action Zone and the Town Hall restoration, creating a connected network of historical, retail and leisure attractions.

Through this ongoing environmental programme, we’ll also encourage businesses to invest in their own properties, improving streetscapes throughout the town.

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Featured Projects

Regeneration work is happening across our borough. Here are some of the most important projects…

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Town Hall

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