Image: Lancashire Farm Dairies top in summer awards

Lancashire Farm Dairies top in summer awards

Posted by Aahmed on 18 Aug 2016 at 10:01

Lancashire Farm Dairies has won 17 awards at this year’s summer shows, including Supreme Champion in the dairy category for its soured cream product.

The Rochdale-based dairy company, which is one of the UK’s fastest growing grocery brands, picked up nine awards at July’s Great Yorkshire Show, adding another eight at the recent International Cheese Awards at Nantwich.

The runaway success of Lancashire Farm’s award season has been its soured cream product, which picked up a total of four awards over the two shows including Supreme Champion Dairy Product and Best Chilled Dairy Product at Yorkshire.

Other products performing well were Lancashire Farm’s Greek Style Yogurt and Mango Yogurt - both taking gold at Yorkshire and a silver at Nantwich. Both shows saw entries from small producers, international brands and major retailers competing for the same awards.

Commenting on the recent awards, Azhar Zouq, managing director at Lancashire Farm Dairies, said: “We are pleased that once again the quality of our products has been recognised in some of the most prestigious awards in the dairy category’s calendar.

“The summer’s country shows offer tough competition from some really major brands as well as small gourmet products, so to be taking home 17 awards this year really demonstrates the quality and growth of our brand.”

Lancashire Farm also won awards for its cream and Lassi products.

Great Yorkshire Show

Supreme Champion Dairy Product - Lancashire Farm Soured Cream
Best Chilled Dairy Product - Lancashire Farm Soured Cream

Gold: Lancashire Farm, Soured Cream
Gold: Lancashire Farm, Mango Yogurt
Gold: Lancashire Farm, Greek Style Yogurt
Gold: Pakeeza Strawberry & Pomegranate Lassi

Silver: Pakeeza Mango, Lassi

Bronze: Lancashire Farm, Single Cream
Bronze: Lancashire Farm, Strawberry Yogurt


VHC: Brooklea, Greek Style Natural Yogurt
Gold: Lancashire Farm, Soured Cream
Gold: Lancashire Farm, Double Cream
Gold: Pakeeza, Mandarin & Lime Lassi
Silver: Pakeeza, Mango Lassi
Silver: Lancashire Farm, Mango Yogurt
Bronze: Pakeeza, Strawberry & Pomegranate Lassi
Bronze: Lancashire Farm, Coconut Yogurt