Image: Blooming marvellous as council sows the seeds of love

Blooming marvellous as council sows the seeds of love

Posted by Aahmed on 10 Oct 2016 at 14:47

The council’s new borough-wide floral displays have brightened up people’s lives and have been hailed as “a thing of beauty” by a Littleborough resident.

Such was Linda Glossop’s admiration for the stunning scenes she contacted the council to say how the new flowers and plants had added alluring colour to local areas, bringing joy to many.

The popular features – installed by the council in prominent locations across the borough of Rochdale as part of the Big Clean 2016 initiative - provide a stunning backdrop to parks, gardens and roadsides thanks to the dedicated work of Rochdale Borough Council’s talented environmental services team.

Many flowers like primrose, lilies, rosebay willhowherb and foxglove are still in full bloom, giving a picturesque October backdrop to the turning of the trees and the changing of the seasons.

Linda said: “I think the council do an amazing job to make the borough bloom. So many people comment on the flowers and the joy it’s brought them. I walk my dog every day, always stopping to admire the delightful displays.

“The flowers really are a thing of beauty. When the council does such a good job, it’s important people provide them with positive feedback. A simple ‘well done’ goes a long way. I am already looking forward to the displays coming back next year!”

As well as drawing the delight of residents like Linda, the floral displays were also highly praised by In Bloom judges during their tours of the borough. They have also drawn many positive comments from people using social media to say how much they enjoyed the council’s spectacular horticultural displays.

Councillor Neil Emmott, cabinet member with responsibility for the environment, said: “It was a fantastic and thoughtful gesture from Linda to get in touch. It was heartening to read. We put a lot of time and effort into getting our floral displays just right, so to get such positive feedback from local residents is quite wonderful. I would like to thank the council staff who work tirelessly to make the borough bloom, adding even more colour to our attractive parks, gardens and street scenes. Well done to everyone involved.”